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Accessories for packaging to protect your products

Accessories for packaging, i.e. all what you need for your shipments.

All Service provides all the accessories for packaging necessary to ensure the right protection to the packages and their content.

Particular materials and complex machinery require further protections. As an example, a sea shipment can last weeks or months and the effects of salt and humidity on particular elements can have really serious consequences. Our industrial packages can be provided with accessories and internal protections able to insulate the content from the external environment and/or avoid the formation of humidity.

Protections like tar paper, nylon, barrier sack, desiccants and shrink-wrap nylon prevent the damages caused by humidity, by the rain and the corrosion caused by salt. Other materials like air ball, styrofoam, pneumatic buffers and others are necessary to stabilise the load or to act as protections for the most delicate parts of the material.

Our offer of accessories for packaging include:

accessori imballaggio - accoppiato barriera


Polyethylene and aluminium compositions chosen according to their water steam permeability and to their mechanical resistance. Their very low transpiration rate allows the case to keep the vacuum-sealed status for a long time.

accessori imballaggio - sale disidratante


The desiccant salt packets are included in the package hanging on the edges of the material, possibly in the upper part, where condensation may form. In case of long-term storage, it is preferable to carry out periodic checks and change the desiccant salts.



Antioxidants for metals studied specifically for the preservation and protection from steel and other ferrous and non-ferrous material wear during shipments and storage.

accessori imballaggio - tiranti


Wooden or metal elements, bands, straps of different dimensions and shapes to load trucks and containers, essential to fix the materials inside the packages themselves or the on the mean of transport.

accessori imballaggio - angorari


Components for packaging used to reinforce pallets and containers in general, helping to prevent bumps in case of impact, withstand stress, stabilize the package during transportation and storage.

accessori imballaggio - staffe


Fixing and support elements for big packages, positioned on the lower edges of the package base, exactly where the harnesses are placed during the lifting phase.

tiranti imballaggio


Metal structural elements used to contrast the side pushing strengths due to weight and to give an appropriate power to two ropes or to two portions of opposed ropes used for anchoring and fixing the content.


accessori imballaggio


Available in different form, coil, envelope, sheet, customised tubular, usually in polyethylene, it is used as shock absorber.