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Wooden Pallets

Our wooden pallets are rigid horizontal platforms characterised by a minimum height compatible with handling by transpallet and/or fork-lift trucks.

Modern logistics needs reliable supports for goods handling and must be designed to grant the integrity of the goods during transportation. Thanks to their resistance, their reliability and ability to handle any kind of goods both during transportation and stocking, our pallets are the essential elements of industrial packaging.

Pallets are also available with alternated or contiguous panels, or, again, in single panels in the most suitable material for the specific application.

The material positioned on the pallet must be fixed and fastened in order to have a safe and homogeneous package with a surface adapting as much as possible to the shape and the mass of the goods. In addition to this, the load must never protrude beyond the base. The packages deriving from the use of the pallet can also be overlapped.

All Service produces standard and customized pallets according to the customers’ specifications, to meet any requirements regarding the packaging and transportation of your goods.