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Customized wooden cages for industrial packaging

Wooden cages to preserve the goods during the handling and stocking operations


Our wooden cages are containers covered with wooden tables on all sides, discontinuously and not.

The wooden cages are made up of: base, sides, heads, top, top complementary structure and top support.

The floor, which can be load-bearing or not, i.e. supporting the load of the material contained or not, is fixed on the base longitudinal beams.

The sides, the heads and the top make up the cage shell. Also in this case, it is extremely important for the cages to withstand static, dynamic or concentrated and widespread external agents, as well as not to break down under any circumstance nor lose any parts, not to compromise their protective effectiveness, nor the safety of the operators.

In case of stacking of one or more containers, the sides -also called “side walls”- must be designed appropriately to support the actions and the possible external overloads in order to grant non-deformability of the container.