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Wooden Industrial Packaging

Wooden industrial packaging, containers, pallets, accessories

All Service designs and produces exclusively wooden industrial packaging in any shape and dimension, i.e. personalized according to the customer’s requirements.

All Service wooden packaging are manufactured in compliance with the rules, in order to:

  • protect the goods;
  • grant stability and safety during transportation;
  • avoid intrusions;
  • respect a balance between performance and cost.

Our wooden industrial packaging offer includes “containers”, i.e. wooden structures externally covered in wood or other wood-derived materials.

The different parts of the container, such as the base, the sides, the heads, the top and its complementary structure or the top supports, are properly assembled to meet the requirements defined during the planning stage and the specific requisites of stability, safety, maintenance of the content integrity and of the usability.

Our production includes:


casse in legno

Wooden cases

imballaggi industriali in legno - gabbie

Wooden cages

imballaggi industriali in legno - bancali


Packaging accessories

Our packaging elements are provided with saddles, cradles and other elements used to contain and stabilise products of any kind of shape and dimension.

We preferably opt for resinous wood types like Fir, Larch or Pine. The technological properties of the different wood types are very important for the manufacturing of these containers, constantly exposed to harsh mechanical and climatic stress.

Therefore, the main technical characteristics and flexibility modules of our containers are tested to provide proper resistance to:

  • compression
  • traction
  • static bending
  • cutting

Our wooden industrial packaging products are not mass-manufactured but produced according to an accurate design aimed at creating a packaging element, a container or a pallet suitable for containing or support specific big or small-dimensioned industrial products, machinery or entire plants with bespoke containers according to the customer’s specifications, the goods typology, the destination and the shipment modality.