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Industrial packaging planning

Industrial packaging planning: safety first!

Choosing a specialised company in industrial packaging planning is the first step towards an absolutely safe goods delivery and shipment.

Transporting entire industrial plants, very delicate and expensive machinery or single, particularly big equipment can be extremely difficult, both in terms of on-site handling and shipment typology, as well as of safety during transportation.

Climatic and environmental factors, along with the shipment typology selected require specific approaches and a very high competence level in the choice and the evaluation of the packaging to be used.

For all these reasons, it is crucial to select a company able to provide the planning of bespoke and protective industrial packaging, granting, at the same time an absolutely safe product delivery.

The efficacy of our tools, our industrial packaging planning techniques and of the following packaging implementation contributes to guarantee the integrity of the product during transport, as well as its preservation up to its final destination.

The choice of the appropriate packaging is crucial to the creation of value and wealth, thus representing a strategic success factor for some specific business areas. By way of example, a race car for a F1 competition must be delivered in extremely safe conditions and in due time not to cause important financial losses and reputation damages.

In addition to this, the planning of industrial packaging must meet the requirements and the performance deriving from the requisites linked to the shipment, such as:

progettazione imballaggi - stabilità

Statics and dynamics, impacts, roll and vibrations, safety of operators, lifting, harness, balancing.

progettazione imballaggi - integrità

Conditioning, water, water steam and gas permeability, water level, condensation, thermal insulation, protection from human or animal intrusions, from leakage and visual protection.

progettazione imballaggi industriali - fruibilità

User and handling friendliness, dimensional coordination, groupability, possibility to carry out di tests and inspections, fixing, easy assembling and possible reuse.

progettazione imballaggi marchio fitok

Dangerous goods, use for structural “CE” certified usage, phytosanitary treatment according to FAO ISPM 15 norms and possible other customers’ requirements.


An appropriate industrial packaging planning grants protection against mechanical, climatic and/or environmental stress. A total protection can be reached by means of wooden cases or cages, composite containers, metallic containers. For a partial protection pallets and other protections applied to specific areas can be used according to the Customer’s specifications.

The choice of the packaging typology depends on the material to be packed, on the handling needs and on the type of transport chosen. The right dimensioning and the selection of the structural elements aimed at stabilizing the goods from departure to arrival are key factors considered during the planning phase.

Drawing on its specific competencies and expertise, ALL SERVICE is able to grant the best industrial packaging planning according to the precise requirements of the different companies and products to be packed in order to offer the Customers the most appropriate technical solution.

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