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Warehouse layout planning

Warehouse layout planning, one of the aspects naturally linked to goods handling

The planning of the warehouse layout and of the relevant handling and goods storage system depend on numerous interconnected factors, such as:

  • specific characteristics of the building;
  • shelving type;
  • goods handling system and frequency;
  • flooring.

The warehouse layout planning must actually ensure:

  • an effective flow of the goods;
  • room for manoeuvring and accessibility for the handling equipment;
  • appropriate shelving layout.

To guarantee an appropriate return on investments, it is therefore essential to integrate the different fields during the planning phase.


Shelves are normally designed to make them independent from the structures of the building, having very different stiffness and deformability characteristics.


Flooring is extremely important, too, to ensure stability, inalterability and handling speed.

These indications are valid especially for new buildings, for which it is possible to choose independently. For this reason, the flooring planning involves also a calculation of the shelving typologies to be installed and of the estimated displacements. The choice of the flooring depends also on the typology, the weight and the frequency of transit of the goods to guarantee an appropriate wear resistance and limit the effects of damages and cracking.

The same attention should be given to the choice of the shelving typology, which should be selected according to the handling equipment used to allow the operativeness and the effectiveness in safety conditions. In the end, they are provided with protections in the areas most exposed to impacts.

ALL SERVICE guarantees a warehouse planning process based both on the specific knowledge of the equipment and on the operators’ requirements in order to ensure efficiency and profitability, improving, at the same time, the warehouse performance.